A New Nightclub Experience Infused with Japanese Elegance

Nightclubs are a fundamental element of night culture built around the energetic music and visual spectacle of a DJ performance. This all-new show fuses Japanese tradition with modern dance music to produce an exciting live experience augmented with dance choreography and classical Japanese instruments. Discover a one-of-a-kind collaboration showcase only possible in Japan.



나이트 컬쳐의 출처중 하나인 나이트 클럽에서 DJ의 클럽뮤직과 영상연출을 축으로 『일본문화』와『댄스뮤직』의 융합에 의한 익사이팅 댄스쇼나 일본악기를 이용한 라이브 퍼포먼스도 전개.일본 독자의 스페셜 쇼 다임을 전달합니다.

Japanese characters

【 Attention 】

※ 1 ticket is valid for entry to 1 show viewing.

※ Please see CLUB PICADILLY’s homepage dress code and other information.

※ Anyone under 16 years old must enter with an adult guardian.

※ Valid passport required at club entrance for ID confirmation.

※ This pass cannot be reissued if lost.

※ 本券は1枚につき1名様まで有効です。

※ ドレスコードやその他インフォメーション等につきましてはクラブピカデリーのHPをご覧ください。

※ 16歳未満のご入場は保護者ご同伴でお願い致します。

※ ご入場の際、必ずご本人の身分証をご持参ください。

※ 本券を紛失された場合、再発行は致しません。

※ 一眼レフカメラ、デジカメ等の使用・持ち込み等はお断りしています。

※ 他のお客様のご迷惑となりますので、三脚等を使用した撮影は禁止とさせて頂きます。

※ 本卷1张仅限1人使用.

※ 关于着装和其他信息等,请访问CLUB PICADILLY 网页

※ 16岁以下的客人请随同家长一起进场。

※ 来店时请携带并出示本人护照.

※ 如果本卷丢失,无法再次补发,请您谅解.

※ 본 티켓은 1 매당 한명만 유효합니다.

※ 드레스 코드나 기타 안내는CLUB PICADILLY HP 를 참조하십시오.

※ 17세(한국 나이)이하 입장은 보호자 동반으로 부탁 드립니다.

※ 각 점포 입장시 반드시 본인의 여권을 지참 해주십시오.

※ 본권을 분실 한 경우 재발급은 하지 않습니다.


Japanese Taiko Drums & Modern Dance Music

Traditionally Inspired Dance

DJ x Samurai Special Performance

Stage Video Direction & Production

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TryHard Dancers







[Music Producer] DJ B=BALL

DJ B=BALL started his professional DJ career in early 2000. He was just one of DJs who opened up nightclubs in Osaka. But he stayed humble and worked so hard. He never stopped cultivating various genre of music. In 2015, he finally became a champion of Red Bull Thre3Style Japan. In the same year, he got supported by DJcity Japan and did Japan tour "GIVE ME WINGS JAPAN TOUR." His spirit of inquiring music always makes DJ B=BALL progressive.

[Dance Producer] MAYU (from VENOM)

Since forming the dance team VENOM at the age of 18, MAYU has been an active force throughout the scene. She cut her teeth as a backup dancer for numerous artists and has given dance performances at fashion shows and many other high-profile events. She possesses experience in dance wardrobe design and even development of danceware shops. Various artists have graced the stage wearing MAYU's original designs. Today MAYU is actively producing and directing a variety of flash mobs, opening shows, and other live events.


UMEDA PLAZA Bld 8F, 8-17 Taiyuji, Kita-ku OSAKA, JAPAN.
Tel. 06-6809-5895

By Train

JR Osaka Sta. Umeda Sta.(Hankyu/Hanshin/Midosuji Line)
7 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Sta. Umeda Sta. (Hankyu/Hanshin/Midosuji Line)
Whity Umeda east mall suddenly "Spring of Izumi" Exit M 14 immediately.

By Taxi

Please say "UMEDA PLAZA Bld 8F, 8-17 Taiyuji, Kita-ku OSAKA, JAPAN".
大阪市北区太融寺町8-17 プラザ梅田ビル8F(JP-Adress)

From Kansai International Airport

Kansai Airport (Nankai Namba Line) → Nankai Namba / Namba (Midosuji Line, for Shin Osaka) → Umeda